Disney's Be Our Guest Restaurant: Beastly Dining Fit For a Princess (Pictures,Video)

Confession: Every single time I watch Beauty and the Beast -- be it the movie, theatrical production, or the live mini-musical at Disney World, I bawl my eyes out. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that my dog, Harry, looks exactly like Beast. Or...it could just have something to do with that fact that I'm just a tiny bit of a sucker for Disney (though I loathe to admit it).

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So, it's a little exciting that the new Fantasyland area of Magic Kingdom was offering a Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant.

Then, when I learned Be Our Guest would

be offering wine and beer for the first time ever, I was intrigued. Other Disney parks do serve alcoholic beverages, but Magic

Kingdom has, until now, maintained a strict alcohol-free policy,

although smoking while pushing a baby stroller or drinking around Buzz

Lightyear or the cast of Lion King is, apparently, perfectly acceptable.

The restaurant, which will serve French fare in keeping with the

Beauty/Beast theme, features a three-page list of mostly French wines

and a selection of Belgian beers.  Entrees are priced from $15 - $35.99

and include steak frites, pork loin, and French onion soup.


the Disney company posted a four minute tour of the interior of the

restaurant, which is basically like dining inside a theme ride complete

with trick pictures, a waltzing Belle and Beast, and, of course, a giant

enchanted rose encased in a bell jar.  We figure this restaurant will

only get trippier after a few bottles of Burgundy.

Be Our Guest soft opens November 19th, with a December 6th official opening date. If you think you won't be able to get a

reservation until well into the Spring, guess again. When we called the reservation line, we were told the next available Saturday evening reservation for a party of four was November 24.

Watch this official Disney tour of the magical aspects of the Be Our Guest restaurant (including a magic rose, gargoyles, stained-glass, crystal chandeliers, and a magic portrait of the Beast). We only hope the enchanted silverware doesn't give any back talk.

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