DIY Easter: How to Make Your Own Hoffman's Fudge Eggs

For whatever reason, Easter and candy are synonymous.

Whether the son of God was known for his intense sweet-tooth, it has some sort of pagan significance, or it's just the commercialization of yet another holiday, we have no idea -- nor do we care.

We're just glad to have yet another excuse to pig out on chocolate.

Obviously, the stores are going to be chock full of confections, but we figured it might be time to give it a go on our own.

We enlisted the help of the award-winning chocolatier Hoffman's Chocolates for some do-it-yourself suggestions; and we got the directions for their holiday appropriate Fudge Eggs.

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Fudge Eggs

18 ounces Dairy butter, room temperature

42 ounces Hoffman's™milk chocolate

12 ounces Hoffman's™ chocolate liquor

19.5 ounces 42/43 DE corn syrup

54 ounces Sugar

12 ounces Heavy cream

Hoffman's™milk chocolate

Hoffman's white chocolate

Step One: In a Hobart-type mixing bowl (large enough for the entire batch), blend butter, melted Hoffman's™milk chocolate and melted Hoffman's™ chocolate liquor together.

Step Two: In a separate pot, cook corn syrup, sugar, and cream.

Step Three: Before the mixture boils (use a candy thermometer to ensure it reaches 237 degrees), wet wipe the sides of the pot with a damp pastry brush to remove stray sugar.

Step Four: Allow the mixture to cool below 160 degrees.

Step Five: Slowly pour the hot mix into the chocolate/butter blend and mix together using a flat mixing blade.

Step Six: Spread the fudge out to 1/2" thickness and allow to cool to room temperature.

Step Seven: Using an egg-shaped cutter, form eggs and allow to firm before covering with Hoffman's™ milk chocolate.

Step Eight: Decorate with tempered Hoffman's™ white chocolate, colored with liquid candy color.

This recipe yields approximately 150 pieces.

Hoffman's Chocolates is located at 5190 Lake Worth Road in Greenacres. Call 561-792-5753, or visit

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Sara Ventiera