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Do You Care About Climate Change? Three Ways to Make a Difference Through Food

While there has been a long-term so-called debate about the potential effects (and actual existence) of climate change, a report released by NASA last week shows that the ice is melting in Antarctica and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

(Fox News still seems to be denying science.)

According to the study that was released last Monday, warm ocean currents and geographic changes have helped lead to a chain reaction at the Amundsen Sea-area glaciers, causing faster melting than previously believed, taking them "past the point of no return," NASA glacioligist Eric Rignot reported.

Quite frankly: it's pretty freaking scary.

Even so, we can all do our part to attempt to slow it down.

We spoke to registered dietician and founder of Plant Strong Nutrition Adrienne Bolten about foods to avoid and sustainable alternatives, if you care about climate change.

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Sara Ventiera