Dog-Friendly Dining

I was wondering the other day when we crossed the line in indulging our dogs when I saw a pooch jacket section that rivaled the kids' selection at Target. Pink, orange, brown, green, and blue jackets in an array of sizes, for those cold(ish) Florida days when a dog's real coat doesn't cut it. 

So it came as less of a surprise a couple of days later when a coworker drew my attention to the pooch menu at Boston's on the Beach

In addition to water that's gratis, the restaurant offers everything from hot dogs cut into bite-sized pieces to a $24 bone-in, rib-eye steak. We've captured a snippet of the listing in the screen grab. Check out the rest of the menu here

Our towns offer dog-friendly dining on every other outdoor patio, from Coconuts to Rok:Brgr to Longboards to the Dubliner. Have you come across a restaurant as accommodating as Boston's? Leave it in the comments. 

In the meantime: this video of the most patient dogs ever. 

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