We heart Bakula.
We heart Bakula.

Doggy Bag: This Week in Charlie

Charles in charge, of our days, and our...

...Cheap wine, this time a Cab from Beringer.
...Steak and egg burgers, as in how to make them.
...Prime, aged steaks and the acquisition thereof.
...Cheese-steak-laden hearts and which sandwich we hold dearest.
...Local chefs, in this case Mark Militello, who moves to the Office in Delray.
...Breakfast spots near the beach where we bring our beaus.
...Baklava and goat cheese cheesecake from Satoro in Hollywood.
...Booze-soaked brains and the pink elephants floating around them, courtesy of Delirium Nocturnum.
...Triple-bypass surgery soon to come -- thanks, Checkers!
...Corn fritters from Park Avenue BBQ, those donut-like confections we hold so dear.
...Basted chicken wings, for which we also thank Grandma Muddy.


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