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Dollar Drafts? I Haven't Had Beer That Cheap Since High School!

The last time I can remember paying $1 for draft beer is drinking underage at a local bar when I was in high school (the names will be changed to protect the innocent). It was the mid-'90s, and the place in question never carded my friends and me. So we'd drink foamy beer from those thick, deceptively shallow mugs, priced at a cool buck a pop. A $10 bill never went so far.

These days, you're lucky to find $5 drafts at most restaurants and bars. So I was shocked to find that Smokehouse Grill & Wingery was offering $1 Yuengling drafts. On a Saturday, no less. Any time of day.

I stopped into the new restaurant -- which took over the former Boca

Wings & Ribs location in Boca Raton -- and sampled a batch of their

crispy chicken wings coated with spicy jerk-style barbecue sauce. The

wings were good -- crisp, meaty, hot-but-not-too-hot sauce -- but it

was the beer that was a real blast from the past. I ordered a mug of

Yuengling, and it came in one of those ten-ounce mugs that bars always pass

out with pitchers. Sure, you can drain it quicker than a pint, but at

$1 a pop (and thanks to speedy service), it's no problem to snag


Sure, you could probably get dollar Bud drafts during College Night at the local frat bar. But not decent beer, and not in a restaurant. The Wingery has a few televisions and a tiny bar area in front of the

kitchen, so if you wanted to stop in for a light bite followed by

plenty of $1 drafts, you could do just that. The place is open from 11

a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Just don't try to drink there underage.

Smokehouse Grill & Wingery

2257 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton


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