Doner Pocket Opens on Clematis (Video)

German kebab joint Doner Pocket has infiltrated America with the opening of its first shop in West Palm Beach.

The restaurant serves meats slow-cooked on rotating skewers, served on platters and pitas. Doner Kebab is based on the many "kebab shops" in Germany -- small restaurants that serve doner pockets, pocket rolls, and fries.

Kebab shops in Europe are an indirect result of the migration of many

Turks to Germany throughout the 1970's, who opened small kebab shops

like the ones they owned in Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey.

Eventually the recipes changed to suit European taste buds and more

veggies and sauces were added to what once was a more simple Turkish

street food.

The restaurant's menu reflects this simplicity, and sandwiches are priced

according to your choice of protein: chicken or turkey ($6.95),

vegetable ($5.95), or beef ($7.95) are served on a pita with your choice

of vegetables. Platters range from $9.95 to $11.95.

Doner Pocket is open late nightly to serve hungry Clematis bargoers.

Doner Pocket, 330 Clematis St., West Palm Beach.

Check out the Doner Pocket crew's journey from Germany to Clematis:

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