Don't Forget This Weekend's Garlic Fest, Altoids

This weekend at the 13th annual Delray Beach Garlic Festival, chefs will be cooking up garlic pizzas, garlic ice cream, garlic shellfish, and everything in between. They'll also face off in garlic competitions all weekend


On the main stage, G. Love and Special Sauce play on Saturday night along with dozens of  performers throughout the weekend. Tickets are no longer available online, though they're $10 per person per day at the entrance.

Thank you to all who threw suggestions

into the comments for their favorite garlicky dish. Congrats to

YourLilChef for her win with garlic crab at The Crab Stop in Deerfield or Rustic Inn in Fort Lauderdale.

If you'd like to divert from the crowds for a civilized seat, Angelo Elia will feature a Garlic Fest-inspired menu at his newest Delray outpost, Trattoria D'Angelo, which will include branzini with broccoli and roasted garlic; rack of lamb and rosemary garlic mashed potatoes with an amarone sauce; and pizza of course, with roasted garlic, clams, and arugula.  

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