Doritos Crash The Super Bowl: Check Out These Cool Videos

The TV Show Mad Men has gotten many people interested in what goes behind the scenes on Madison Avenue.

Is it really just a bunch of guys drinking Scotch and hitting on women between sudden bouts of genius? 

Maybe not, but sometimes it takes an amateur to breathe new life into a commercial.

Hence the Doritos Crash The Superbowl contest, where amateur filmmaker

are invited to make their very own low-budget Doritos commercial --

which will be shown in the most expensive time slot in the world -- The

Super Bowl! 

Doritos has got a lot of chutzpa to run an amateur commercial at the

big game, since according to Ad Age,

spots are going for around $3.8 million dollars.  But, this is the

seventh time that Doritos has held this contest and, frankly, these ads

are funnier and better than any we've seen in a while.


producer of the winning ad will not only get to see his or her baby air

during the Super Bowl, they'll be offered a chance to work with Michael

Bay on Transformers Four.  Pretty sweet!  

Watch the videos, then vote for your favorite on Facebook.

Express Checkout -- In this very South Florida-esque spot, a young guy tries to get one over on the sweet little old lady paying for her groceries in pennies. What he doesn't know is age always wins over beauty.

Goat 4 Sale

- Sure having a pet goat may be awesome. You can hug it, you no longer need to worry about recycling, and it shares your love of nacho chips. But, be careful what you wish for. Very careful.

Road Chip

- A cute little curly-haired toddler has had it with the family pet. Who knew that Doritos could lead an adorable girl to dogicide?

Fashionista Dad - Sometimes you just gotta take one for the team. Even when the team includes Disney Princesses and a make believe tea party.


-- When dogsitting Goliath do not play fetch. I repeat -- DO..NOT...PLAY...FETCH!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.