Doritos Creator Dies; Family to Sprinkle Gravesite With Chips (Video)

In the we can't make this shit up category, we now bring you news of the tragic death of Arch West, who at 97 kicked the bucket in Dallas.

West's claim to fame? He's credited with being the creator of Frito-Lay's Doritos, the favorite snack food of college-aged stoners everywhere.

Here's where we enter bizarro world. According to the Dallas Morning News (a real newspaper, as far as we can tell), West's family plans to sprinkle the gravesite with Doritos.


word yet whether pot-addicted zombies with a bad case of postapocalypse munchies will prowl the cemetery

after the funeral party leaves... but we're kinda hoping it to


Speaking of Doritos, here are two videos where humans are total Dorito-eating morons and animals get the upper hand. Sort of like live-action Looney Tunes cartoons. Enjoy.

Watch a giant mouse beat the living crap out of a douchebag with a mousetrap here:

Watch an idiot baiting a bear trap with Doritos here:

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