Drinking Spelling Bee at Dada April 25; How Would You Do?

Going out to a nice bar and restaurant and relaxing with a couple of friends is probably number one on most adults' list of things they like to do. In fact, we often don't even think of it as an activity. It's just life. 

But let's face it: Sometimes even our favorite pastime can get a bit boring, especially if you're sitting around with the same group of friends night after night. I mean, you love them, but you've heard all their stories.

On April 25, Dada will have a little stimulation for your drowned brain cells -- don't worry, you can keep drinking beer: the Dada Drinking Spelling Bee Super Amazing Challenge. (Maybe they'll even give you extra points at the end if you can still remember the name of the game.)
John Sova, Dada Wizard (in charge of events), said he had seen the "drunk spelling bee" done a few other places. 

"I had seen it done in Austin, Texas, but we're looking to put a new spin on the thing. We're trying to up the ante and make it a little more... cultured. We're going to have a lot of different interesting categories, like Star Wars and adult-themed -- some higher-brow categories."

Co-hosting the bee will be Cat Lewyn and Matt Zigan. 

"They're both really comical. Matt is a comedian, and Cat is just... a real treat," Sova says. "We're gonna have a ton of prizes and a lightning round. There will be 25 contestants maximum. As the rounds go on, the words will get increasingly difficult, and there could be as many rounds as people have the guts for. The last person spelling, wins."

Sova makes it clear that the point of the event is to have a good time and a few laughs. He says encouraging people to get intoxicated is not their goal. 

"What we're doing is charging an entrance fee (and we've never charged an entry fee ever) of $7 -- that includes a beer and a shot, and we check their I.D. and have them sign a waiver saying they won't be driving. We're expecting people will come with a friend. I don't want to make this sound like we're encouraging people to not be safe or responsible. It covers our cost, but mainly it gives us an opportunity to see who is entering and check their I.D. and sign our waiver."

There will be prizes, of course, to make up for the hangover. For this first bee, there will be a $250 first-place cash prize. The second and third place winners will get bar tabs or gift certificates. 

The inaugural Dada Drinking Spelling Bee Super Amazing Challenge will be Thursday, April 25, and then it will be the last Thursday of every month. The sign-up is 9 p.m., with a 10 p.m. prompt start. There will be a spelling bee drink special for the audience.

Dada is located at 52 N. Swinton Ave. Delray Beach. Call 561-330-3232, or follow it on Facebook

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