Ethical Eating

Dunkin' Donuts Considers Using Cage-Free Eggs

​First, they introduced a Strawberry Shortcake-flavored coffee this month, and now the company responsible for millions of Americans' morning productivity is considering switching to cage-free eggs. Dunkin' Donuts, it's like you're reading our minds!

The announcement that Dunkin' Donuts is "considering the use of cage-free eggs" in its products came in the company's first-ever Corporate Responsibility Report after an online petition was started by Annie Hartnett at The petition highlights the hens' conditions in battery cages with space no bigger than a letter-sized sheet of paper, often with no space to turn around and birds stacked on top of one another.

This isn't Dunkin' Donuts first introduction into the ugly side of factory farming. In 2009, Compassion Over Killing showed the conditions at a Dunkin' Donuts egg supplier. At that time, the donut empire said they would "investigate" cage-free egg options.

While this may be as small a step for animal welfare as Meatless Mondays, the fact that a multibillion-dollar company like Dunkin' Donuts is even considering a switch shows the impact of online petitions like this one. The petition is nearing 4,000 signatures. Click here to sign it.

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Terra Sullivan