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East Meets West (Broward)

Chien Chung Peng from Hong Kong opened Chung Hing Oriental Mart (9803 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, 954-438-1060) in North Miami 15 years ago and five years later brought a second store to Pines Boulevard. The diversity of Asian food items displayed is staggering: a fresh-produce area with bok choy, taro, and long beans; freezers filled with lemon grass, bamboo shoots, pork buns, and ice creams; tempura batters, rice vinegars, Chinese sausages, Japanese candies, kim chees, satés, curries, misos, tofus, ramens, wonton skins, spring roll shells, oodles of noodles... Yet the best part about Chung Hing is the takeout food counter, where barbecued ducks, chickens, and pork ribs are cooked up each day and, when ordered, taken from their hooks and hacked with a cleaver into neat portions to go. Whole chickens and ducks range from $11 to $14; pork ribs (they roast the whole pig) go for $6.50 per pound -- which is plenty for two. The roast pork (it also comes barbecued) is more succulent than any in town.

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