Eat Dinner with President Obama (Last Day to Enter [Possibly Illegal] Raffle)

Joe Biden keeps sending me e-mails. In fact, the Obama campaign never stopped sending e-mails to people who signed up for updates in 2008, thus ushering in a new era of perpetual campaigning.

Anyway, Joe keeps telling me that

"The President and I have a routine -- we get lunch together almost every Friday. But all I get is lunch. You could be one of four supporters to have dinner with him soon."

The deal is this: Make a $5 donation to his campaign, and be entered into a raffle to eat din-din with the Prez and Vice-prez. The re-election campaign will cover the meal and airfare for all winners.

Earlier this week Salon.com pointed out that Obama may be breaking campaign finance laws that prevent federal employees from campaigning in federal buildings, because he filmed the video below inside the White House. A White House spokesperson responded that Barack's living quarters don't count.

Either way, if you would like to chow down with the commander-in-chief, hurry up and enter -- the contest ends at 11:59 tonight.

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