"Eat Your Kimchi," Your Guide to Life in Korea

Eat Your Kimchi

is a great website created by a couple from Toronto who moved to Bucheon, Korea, more than two years ago to teach English. They started the website to document what life was like for two foreigners living in Korea. These days, the website tracks all facets of Korean culture, from pop music and movies to the food. The pair, Simon and Martina, drop all this science via (often hilarious) YouTube videos.

The early video entries are pretty utilitarian -- a hand-held camera, filming some sort of action (watching seng bulgogi being made at a restaurant, trying out spicy-looking street food

on the corner). But the production quality has come a long way since

Eat Your Kimchi started filming. The latest food entry -- on convenience store dining and drinking -- is educational, entertaining, and kind of ridiculous too.

Sit and watch some of these videos if you get a chance. It's hard not to want to watch them all once you start.


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