Eats for Under $7: 1/4 Chicken Lunch at La Granja

A lot of the time in this weekly feature, we fit just under the $7 budget, leaving little left over for say a drink, a dessert or an antacid. That is most certainly not the case this week: La Granja fast(ish) food restaurants are here to hook your wallet and stomach up. La Granja is a semi-fast (meaning it's quick, but their food isn't sitting under heat lamps waiting to be ordered) Peruvian style restaurant chain located across south Florida, and once you stop in there once, you're sure to be back quite often. Take for instance the $3.95 Rotisserie chicken lunch special. For under $4, you get a quarter chicken (Drumstick and breast included) a large bowl of black beans and a small mountain of rice. Even though the meal is very inexpensive, it doesn't taste that way: The chicken is so juicy it seems like it's been marinating for a month, with a crisp outer skin keeping it all in. The black beans and rice are... well they're black beans and rice. It's hard to mess those up so long as they're cooked properly, and they are. Totaling $4.23 after tax, you'll have plenty of cash left over for a side of fried banana, some tostones or flan, but it's doubtful you'll have much room left without loosening your belt.
La Granja has locations all throughout Florida. Click here for a list.

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Brett Gillin