Eats for Under $7: Barista's Coffee Boutique

Walking into Barista's Coffee Boutique in the Ramada Executive Center is more like visiting someone's kitchen than a restaurant. Order the bacon, egg and onion croissant and rather than seeing a chef slave away over a big stove, she walks to a 20 inch electric skillet, carefully cracks a couple eggs, places the onions just above them, and three strips of bacon around the sides. There's not enough room to cook any more than that, but the careful attention to detail comes through. The chef places the over-easy eggs on a sliced croissant, places the onions and bacon on top and closes the croissant. The over sized croissant is fresh, flaky and has a sweet-butter coating that leaves flakes of croissant sticking to the back of your teeth with every bite.

For $4.23, The egg, onion, and bacon croissant at Barista's Coffee Boutique is a great way to start your day. Barista's is located at 1926 Hollywood Blvd on the bottom floor of the Ramada Executive Center. Call 954-620-0223 or visit the website for more information.

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