Eats for Under $7: Breakfast or Brunch at JP's Bagel Place

It's not exactly hard to find a cheap place for breakfast. There are hundreds of chains offering the typical eggs, pig product, and fried potato for a couple of bucks, but they normally come with a much bigger cost. Try eating at a big-time chain or fast-food restaurant for breakfast and see how productive your day is. If you're anything like me, you'll spend more time wrestling with your intestines and the realization that you just ate mass-produced slop to start your day.

JP's Bagel Place in Hollywood, winner of New Times' 2008 best service in a restaurant, will not cause any regrets to your wallet, your GI tract, or your good conscience. JP's is a small restaurant, and by small, I mean microscopic. Twenty people seems to be about the maximum that will comfortably fit in the booths and along the old diner-style bar. Once you're in, though, it's smooth sailing. The service is fast and friendly, the menu is loaded with freshly baked, boiled, and fried breakfast foods, and it's all priced to please (so long as you bring cash... no credit cards here).

I ordered French toast with a side of home fries. The entire order came out less than five minutes after I placed the order. The four slices of toast were thick, perfectly crispy on the outside, and fluffy and buttery on the inside. The fried potatoes were crispy and perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper right off the grill. In less time than it took to cook the order, I'd devoured it and was presented with a check for $5.08. This could become a habit.

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