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Eats for Under $7: Turkey Burger From Flashback Diner

Technically, you'll need just a little more than $7 to enjoy a burger at Flashback Diner, as the menu price is $6.99, so with tax and tip you'll be a little over budget. If you can scrounge up the extra couple of bucks, though, it's not a decision you'll soon regret. Flashback Diner is an old school greasy-spoon-type eatery, and it's open 24 hours, giving you a much better late-night option than a fast-food joint does. The menu is loaded with platters and sandwiches with cutesy Hollywood names like the Mae West (Southern fried chicken on a kaiser bun with honey mustard) or the Telly Savalas (chicken and veggie kebab on rice with pita bread). If you're looking to keep the bill under $10, you're best sticking with the burgers. Choose between a half-pound beef patty, a turkey burger, or a veggie burger, all served on a fluffy kaiser bun and accompanied by soup, potato, or French fries. The turkey burger is thick and juicy, perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper, and big enough that it's hard to fit into your gaping maw. The French fries are thin and very crispy, and the combo is going to leave you with a packed stomach, no matter if you're just looking for lunch or something to soak up the alcohol from a long night's bender.

Flashback Diner is located at 220 S. Federal Hwy. in Hallandale Beach. Call 954-454-8300.

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Brett Gillin