Eight Cozy Pubs to Keep Warm in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Temperatures are dipping below 70 Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Some nights, they'll even get below 60! By Floridian standards, that's damn near freezing. Luckily, it's rare enough (and not actually freezing enough) that most people enjoy the chance to pull a barely worn sweater out of the closet and snuggle up somewhere

There is no better place to enjoy pretending it's really cold outside than a humble pub. The men and women of the United Kingdom have had centuries to research the best ways to get warm. It doesn't get much better than cozy padded bench, a stiff drink, and some good friends.

We've put together a list of only the coziest pubs that have ever pulled a pint from Davie to West Palm Beach. If we've missed one of your favorites, let us know.

Ye Olde Falcon Pub
2867 S. University Drive in Davie. Call 954-424-0300, or visit

The Ye Olde Falcon is a ye olde spot in Davie. It's rather unassuming located as it is in a non-descript strip mall on University Drive, but inside it's as warm and cozy as a hobbit hole. They've got dart boards and a decent selection of beers on tap. Cheers.

The Field Irish Pub and Eatery
3281 Griffin Road in Dania Beach. Call 954-964-5979, or visit

Where the Ye Olde Falcon is unassuming, the Field Irish Pub and Eatery is, well, assuming. It's a much bigger, stand along location, for starters. The outer deck is built around the base of an enormous tree and the seemingly unending labyrinth of room all look like this. Still, it's authentic atmosphere keeps this much larger pub feeling snug. 

King's Head Pub and Restaurant
2692 N. University Drive in Plantation. Call 954-572-5933, or visit

Look, a fireplace! OK, we acknowledge that is most likely, probably not a functioning fireplace with flames and the whole bit. But, then again, it will probably never get cold enough inside this tiny pub to warrant lighting anything on fire anyway. The King's Head Pub is an ode to all things British and, we can tell you, it's Britastic. There's a shop next door that sells British snacks and goods. Regulars can get their own mugs. And we happen to know from personal experience that the publican here owns a top hat. See if you can get him to model it for you - make it a drinking game!

Maguire's Hill 16
535 N. Andrews Ave. Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-764-4453, or visit

While Maguire's Hill 16 does't technically have fireplaces either, they do have a few of those space heaters that look like fireplaces and in South Florida we'll take what we can get. We gave Maguire's Best Guinness in last year's Best Of edition and with good reason. Bonus - the owners are from Ireland so, between the chilly weather and the accents, if you keep your eyes on the gleaming wooden interior and ignore the palm trees swaying outside, you can almost believe you're there.

Lion & Eagle English Pub
2401 N. Federal Highway Boca Raton. Call 561-447-7707, or visit

We're back in another unassuming strip mall as we stop in at the Lion & Eagle English Pub - c'est la vie en Floride - but as with most pubs, once you walk inside it's like the outside doesn't even exist. This one has booths that really remind those who have been to jolly ol' London of type you'd find in their oldest drinking establishment. The bar is small, but the bartenders are friendly and quick to pull a pint. 

Blue Anchor Pub
804 E. Atlantic Ave. in Delray Beach. Call 561-272-7272, or visit

At this point you might be thinking a pub's a pub - silly Americans - but even if you do, the Blue Anchor in Delray Beach is something special. Located on Atlantic Avenue, a few dozen yards from the Intracoastal is a pub that literally started its life in the United Kingdom. The entire front portion of the building and the gleaming beautiful bar inside were originally part of a pub on Chancery Lane in London. In 1996 it was carefully taken apart, transported across the Atlantic Ocean, and painstakingly put back together. And, it's haunted. You're welcome.

Brogues Downunder
621 Lake Ave. in Lake Worth. Call 561-585-1885, or visit

Finally, a fireplace! (The natives understand the excitement.) Brogues Downunder is the perfect spot to wander to after you've had your fill hookah across the street. Downtown Lake Worth has a distinctive small town feel and, as any villager in the UK can tell you, no village's high street (UK equivalent of main street) is complete without a cozy pub to meet your mates. 

O'Shea's Irish Pub
531 Clematis St. in West Palm Beach. Call 561-833-3865, or visit

Finally, West Palm Beach, the northernmost border of what we can really consider South Florida. Here on Clematis you'll find O'Sheas Irish Pub. In case the name didn't give it away, the decor will - this is an IRISH pub. Every sign, every bauble, every corner of the bar trumpets that fact in a way that will have you walking out speaking with an Irish lilt and feeling lucky. Enjoy the vintage Guinness ads and the old "Irish need not apply" signs. Slainte

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