Election Day Fun: Obama, Romney Top Ten Food Art (Pictures)

First off, here's a non-paid and non-partisan political announcement from Clean Plate Charlie -- get out and vote. This election is extremely close and every vote counts. No matter who you want to see in the White House for the next four years, it's your civic duty to vote.  Besides, you totally can't kvetch about the state of the union unless you've voted. We're sure that's written in the Constitution...somewhere.

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Political Pumpkins for a Scary Presidential Campaign

Now that that's over with, we've decided to give you something amusing to look at while you're in line at the polls. We searched high and low for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney food art. 

If your supermarket aisles were voting there would be a landslide in Obama's favor because while we found plenty of food art with the President's likeness...not so much Romney. And when we did find Romney, it was paired with Obama. Hmm...maybe this food art is telling us something...like we can work across the aisles to make this country stronger than it's ever been...or that politics and art are both subjective...or maybe -- just shut up and eat.

10. Cheetos
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are made of thousands of melted and softened Cheetos. We're just thinking of how many days it took for the artist to lick the cheesy orange powder off his hands.

9. Butter
This butter sculpture of Barack Obama made a tour through Chicago recently. 

8. Cupcakes
A single cupcake might have jumped the shark -- but how about hundreds of cupcakes formed to resemble the Prez. Kinda cool, huh?

7. Cereal
Froot Loops are a sugary killer as a breakfast. As art media, they're Grrrrreat (to borrow from another cereal mascot).

6. Decaffeinated Latte

Starbucks has come up with a brilliant new way to let you know your caffeine-free latte is ready -- Mitt is smiling up at you as you take your first sip of the day.

5. Latte with Caffeine
You'll be all fired up and ready to go with this high-octane breakfast drink.

4. Sushi

Awesome in so many ways.

3. Peeps
Where my Peeps at? They're at the voting booth!

2. Play-Doh

Technically not a food, it has the word "doh" in it which is both a baking and a Simpsons reference. Plus this sculpture is amazing and that's good enough for us.

1. Meat
 If you think the candidates are meat heads, you may have a point there (vote anyway).

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