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Elevation Burger Coming to the Walk in March

After a few delays, Elevation Burger, the sustainable, free-range, grass-fed beef burger joint, is finally coming to the Walk in Coral Springs in March.

The burger chain sounds sort of like Five Guys gone green. Elevation's

slogan is "ingredients matter," and at least according to initial

literature, it means it. It uses only 100 percent USDA-certified organic, free-range beef that's ground on premises to make its burgers. French fries are hand-cut and

cooked in olive oil, and cookies and milk shakes are made in house. Even the design uses renewable, nonpolluting materials in its construction,

such as bamboo flooring and compressed sorghum tabletops.

The location (2908 University Drive,

Coral Springs) will be the first in Florida and seventh nationally for

the Virginia-based franchise. Franchisees Jeffrey Feinstein, Sam

Ginsberg, and Andrew Santandra plan to open two more Elevation Burgers

in South Florida over the next few years. "Customers will enjoy great-tasting burgers and fries without compromising their wallet, health, or

diet," Ginsberg promises. "And most importantly -- it tastes amazing."

Want more Elevation Burger until March? Check out this flickr stream with pics of the food and restaurants.

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John Linn