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Elin Trousdale of Le Bistro Responds to the Review

We review restaurants all the time--almost once a week. But, rarely, do the chefs and restaurants' owners get the opportunity to respond. After this week's review was published, we received a call from Elin Trousdale of Le Bistro. She was concerned with the description of kidneys in a dish, "the metallic, urine-like flavor of innards."

With that, we decided to give her the opportunity to answer back. Her response after the jump.

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Dear New Times, 

Thank you for your review of our Funky Food Club. I find it funny that seemingly the most tentative person dining was the food writer! 

It is so interesting how the funky factor varies from person to person. One time we served breast of veal to the club. We were very surprised to find that not one of the group had ever had breast of veal before. We did not think it that funky. This delicious dish along with others such as Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Champagne and Espresso made it to our regular dinner menu.

I readily admit to not being a funky eater, however, I thoroughly enjoyed my poutine with kidney sauce expertly prepared by Andy with his classical French training. In most countries of the world, except for the US, kidneys are considered a delicacy. Writer Catherine Coburn explores the differences here.

It's interesting that offal get's the head up as long as it's disguised. From hot dogs, sausages to scrapple, readily consumed by the majority, all contain innards and who knows what. However, take it out and feature on a plate it get's the ewww factor. Offal is actually full of vitamins, minerals and iron and a  little high in cholesterol. With the surge in food prices, you'll be seeing the popularity rise in the near future due to it's relative low price. Point in fact the Europeans in the group a little older in age embraced the dish while the younger in the group turned their noses up. This is the more serious side of our food club. To educate. 

I can proudly say that to date the club has lost one member due to time/work conflict.
This month's club thus far has 25 reserved so we may be starting a second date to keep the group growing and intimate at the same time.

We hope you have the opportunity to join us again. Keep up the good work! 

Elin Trousdale, Le Bistro

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