Elton John is king of the sodas.
Elton John is king of the sodas.

Elton John, Fort Lauderdale's Melanie Amauro Star in Pepsi Superbowl Ad

Superbowl Sunday is in a few days, and we're getting ready for the spectacle.  We've got the snacks, the beer... and the Pepsi! Pepsi? Hey -- if it's good enough for Sir Elton John, that's what we're drinking too.

One of the commercials scheduled to air on Sunday stars the iconic singer/songwriter/snazzy dresser. In the spot, King Elton is having a contest to see who can amuse him the most. After a horrible rendition of "Hot in Here" by a court jester, Melanie Amauro blows the kingdom away when she sings "Respect."

Amauro, a Fort Lauderdale native who was raised in Tortola, auditioned for The X Factor USA in Coral Gables. She won a spot on the television competition and eventually took home the grand prize -- a $5 million recording contract.

We're looking forward to watching a hometown girl make good on Sunday. In the meantime, here's a little "making of" video, after the jump:

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