Emeril's Florida Explores Florida Farms (Video)

Have you been watching Emeril's Florida? If not, you should.

Aired on both Food Network and Cooking Channel, this gem of a show is sometimes buried at weird hours of the day... but that's why DVR's were invented.

In this series, chef Emeril Lagasse, best associated with the city of New Orleans and the word "Bam!", goes on a culinary roadshow throughout Florida to explore the good, the great, and the wacky.

So far, Emeril's given a lot of time to our neck of the woods, filming at Buccan, Swank Farms, and 50 Ocean to name drop a few locations.

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In the latest episode, airing Thursday, August 8 at 9:30 a.m. on Food Network, Emeril travels the state to learn about our agriculture industry.

First he drops by the Robert is Here fruit stand in Redland for a tropical fruit tasting with owner Robert Moehling:

Afterwards, Emeril heads to Fort Piece to attend a cattle auction at the Adams Ranch. Finally, he and Chef Justin Timineri from the Florida Department of Agriculture have a cookout of steak, sausage, and fresh Florida produce.

Who knows? After a season or two of Emeril's Florida, the celebrity chef might just be known more for his love of the Sunshine State than for N'awlins...

Watch the preview here to find out where else Emeril visits:

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