End of The World: Last Meal Suggestions From Clean Plate Charlie

It's still December 21, 2012, so the world might yet end today. You've only (possibly) got a few hours left. How would you like to spend them?

Sure some people might give lame answers like spending time with their loved ones. Whatever. Everyone knows the only real pleasure in life is food. Even your favorite memories of your loved ones probably involve eating. 

So, what you should do is grab your loved ones (if you've got 'em - some people don't ya know!), go to your favorite restaurant, and indulge in your favorite meal. Your last, last meal. You'll be like Jesus! But without the coming back part because the world has ended.

We browbeat the Clean Plate Charlie crew into revealing their last meal plans.

I'd get the Fermi sandwich Talia's (to go) and aBinge shake from Charm City, and take them to Due South so I can drink some locally made beer (preferably an IPA followed by a stout) while I watch the world come to an end and cope with an impending belly ache. - Tricia Woolfenden

Venison Tartare from Valentino's Cucina Italiana! Valentino's venison tartare, prepared with capers, herbs, and shaved parmesan served with crostini, is so simple, yet eating it is almost a carnal experience. It literally gives me chills.- Sara Ventiera

Mortorano's meatballs. Why? Honestly, because I want to spend my last minutes with Steve Martorano. He is the sexiest - ugh! If I still lived in New York/New Jersey, I would be married to a guy like that. There is just something about him. - Laine Doss

The spicy pork el pastor tacos from Tacos Al Carbon in Lake Worth -- they are literally my favorite thing to eat. - Nicole Danna

As for me, I would go to Mellow Mushroom and order every flavor of their big, warm, soft, house-made pretzels and a pitcher of Vanilla Porter and just binge on carbs and empty calories until the world ended - surrounded by my loved ones, of course. Like Jesus.

You can contact Rebecca Dittmar by emailing rebecca.dittmar@browardpalmbeach.com.

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