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Endless Sake and Sushi at Prime Starts Tonight

For the most part, we all love sushi. Yes, you have your vegetarians and your individuals who are highly allergic to fish. But the rest of us are sushi fanatics--if you're not there's something wrong with you. Unfortunately, it's expensive.

Of course, you could find an all-you-can-eat buffet, but that just sounds cheap. Well, tonight, Prime Delray will be offering endless sushi and sake. More after the jump.

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Starting tonight, every Thursday from 5pm to close, the restaurant will be offering endless sushi and sake for $39. Only part of the sushi menu is being offered for the sushi night special. Prime is only including salmon rolls, vegetable rolls, piano man rolls, California rolls, Prime crab rolls, and spicy tuna. It may not be the largest selection, but we bet you can fill up on some sake.

If you have not been into the Delray Beach spot in the past few months, this might be your (inexpensive) chance to sample some of the new chef's fare. Back in the fall, Chef Johndavid Hensley took over the kitchen. His goal was to bring lighter fare to the menu. Sushi is light. Endless amounts--maybe not.

Advance reservations for sushi night are required. Call 561-865-5845.

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Sara Ventiera