Enrique Iglesias to Pimp Atlantico Rum, Latest in Celebrity Liquor Endorsements

Following in the grand tradition of Sammy Hagar building a brand of tequila and Lil Jon endorsing Crunk Juice, Miami homeboy Enrique Iglesias is the latest celebrity to sign on to promote a line of spirits. The singer, who according to a news release 

has sold more than 58 million albums worldwide and has had 22 tracks hit number one on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs Chart, is pimping Atlantico Rum. According to its website, Atlantico rum is blended from small batches that are aged 15 to 25 years in the Dominican Republic.

Atlantico founders Brandon Lieb and Aleco Azqueta told Ocean Drive that they met at Georgetown University and started their rum company after a few years working together at Bacardi. But they didn't exactly come from nowhere: Azqueta is part of the powerful Fanjul family, which owns the nation's most powerful sugar companies, and Lieb used to play soccer professionally for D.C. United.

Enrique just released a new album, Euphoria; the tour kicked off Friday in the D.R. and will end October 22 in Miami. As for Enrique's lady friend Anna Kournikova (they never did confirm whether they got married, separated, or what), she can be found on network TV, working as a trainer on this fall's season of the Biggest Loser.

Anyway, here's Enrique dutifully pounding shots of Atlantico backstage at a show. 

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