Don't get disenfranchised
Don't get disenfranchised

Enter Your Zagat Vote for BPB's Best Restaurants

Thanks to The Chowfather for the reminder that the Zagat Guide is now soliciting votes for the best restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Log on here to vote; you have to register first but it doesn't cost anything. You can vote on as many restaurants as you have time for in the categories of food, decor, and service -- and then add a short paragraph of your impressions (which may appear in the final guide -- there are even $100 Visa gift awards for being extra witty and pithy). Even if you're dull and longwinded, they'll still send you a free guide when it comes out. But you have to enter all your votes by June 10.

Remember Zagat is written by local diners, so it's only as accurate as we make it. I'd personally like to see a few smaller owner-operated restaurants added to the top lists this year. 


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