Everyone's a Food Critic: Kids, Cartoons, and Pugs

Every now and then us food writers are reminded that although our jobs are cool, we're not "all that and a bag of foie gras-flavored chips".

So, when we heard that a Pug was the latest hot new food critic, we had to investigate him. True, he does an admirable job, but do you really trust a creature who sniffs his own butt to advise you where to bring a date for dinner?

So we dug a little deeper and found five of the best food critics around. From people singing the virtues of fast food to cartoon characters -- here are our favorite internet food critics.

5. Daym Drops

Daym Drops is probably the most enthusiastic food reviewer in the world. Daym conducts his reviews in his car -- all the while yelling, singing, and screaming.

Our favorite part? His freestyle riff on the Candy Man song. This is one guy who loves his job.

4. Lady Xeona Lady Xeona is 11 years old, is a member of MENSA, wears only pink, and has 405 videos. Our favorite, by far, is her review of the Burger King veggie burger. Sure, her baby voice is a little annoying, but listen to her describe the sandwich's umami flavor while crushing on Top Chef's Richard Blais and you'll agree that this girl's got some real talent.

3. Anton Ego Who says critics have to be human...or even alive? We know if we owned a restaurant and Anton Ego walked in, we'd be scared out of our freaking minds. Unless, of course, we had a talented talking rat in the kitchen.

2.Love the Peas

And then, of course, there are adult humans who might as well be cartoon characters. Like this epic food critic fail, compliments of Fail Blog. What can we learn? When describing a pea puree, watch your words very carefully.

Food Critic Fail


Failblog/Youtubes Best




1. Pablo the Pug

When Pet Supermarket opened up, we knew it was only a matter of time before dogs would start critiquing their kibble. Until they stop trying to get into the cat's litter pan, we don't think their opinions will hold too much weight..though this little guy is adorable!

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