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Executive Chef Andre Lane on Tanzy's New $10 Lunch Club

On average Americans spend more than $2,700 on dining out annually. That's no small number when the median household income is $51,404.

Whether it's due to laziness, inability to cook, or just too much happening, American's eating habits are keeping restaurants full -- hey, consider it your donation to the economy.

To help lighten the load on patron's wallets, Tanzy recently started up a $10 lunch club with a wide selection of dishes for -- you guessed it -- just 10 bucks.

We spoke to corporate executive chef of iPic entertainment, Andre Lane to get the details.

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In addition to Tanzy's regular lunch offerings, many of which have recently been added to the menu, the $10 club includes a selection of about eight new items with a light and healthy edge.

According to Lane, the goal was to offer guests, "a healthier and lighter meal. Food that energizes you for the rest of the day. A balance of fresh and light ingredients mixed with great flavors."

Dishes include gemelli pasta and sausage, antipasta, prosciutto di parma ciabatta, tuna croissant salad sandwich, caprese sandwich, and more.

"We wanted to inspire guests with the same great artisanal cuisine and stylish setting that we have at night.," said Lane. "It allows them to take a 'break' and enjoy a light and healthy meal with an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Something they can talk about and share with colleagues and friends, just as if they were sitting in a café in Italy enjoying the pleasures of a lovely day"

The $10 lunch club menu is offered daily starting at 11:30 a.m.

Tanzy is located at 301 Plaza Real in Boca Raton. Call 561-922-6699, or visit

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