Famous Death Row Last Meals

It seems a little strange that America treats criminals as well as it does.

Yes, we lock them up in prisons with other burly men (or women) and let them out of their cells infrequently. And yes, there is the chance that they will be raped, shanked, or beaten to a pulp on the playground. But let's face it -- there's usually a reason they're in prison in the first place.

What's really strange is that death row inmates are offered luxurious last meals before the hypodermic needle is plunged into their veins. 

A CNN article from 2006 explains how America spends $37 billion on the prison system annually, which is apparently six times more money spent on prisons than on education. Huffington Post has a slide show detailing some of the meals of famous death row inmates, and the extravagance of some of the orders is ridiculous. Check it out for yourself.

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