FHP Cracking Down on Labor Day Drunk Drivers; Call a Cab

FHP Cracking Down on Labor Day Drunk Drivers; Call a Cab

Labor Day is considered the unofficial last day of summer, filled with beach fun and barbecues. To many, it also means having a few celebratory drinks with friends.

Whether it's a few beers while grilling burgers, bloody marys at brunch, or tiki drinks at the beach, there's one thing all alcoholic beverages have in common -- they don't mix with driving, especially when Florida Highway Patrol is out and about today, as part of a nationwide "drive sober or get pulled over" campaign.

According to a statement issued by Florida Highway Patrol, "All uniformed FHP personnel,

including those normally assigned to administrative duties, will patrol

interstates and other major state roads during the holiday. FHP Auxiliary troopers also will volunteer to augment the Patrol

during the holiday travel period."

That means before you head

out for the day, make sure you have a designated driver assigned or plan

on taking a taxi home. 1800taxicab.com is a website that will find a local taxi company anywhere in the U.S. by zip code.

The AAA and

Budweiser are also offering a free and confidential "Tow To Go" service -- even if you're not a member.


call to 855-2-TOW-2-GO will dispatch a driver who will give up to two

people and your car a ride home (up to 10 miles) for free. This is meant

as a last resort, and subject to long waits due to heavy call volume --

but it's better than getting pulled over on I-95.

Since AAA

started the tipsy tow service in 1998, over 20,000 impaired would-be

drivers were given a ride home, making the roads safer for them and

everyone else.


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