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Five Bars to Get Your Morning Swerve On

Sometimes you're in the mood to skip the weekend's amateur hours and pony up with the professionals. Morning bars are just the spots. Here's a list of places to tie one on just a coupla hours past sunup.
1. The Hut. Though the bar reads "package store," the place attracts more than drunks. When I stopped by the other night, some industry folks put back a few, a bike posse played a few rounds of shuffleboard, a trannie couple made out, and a gaggle of drunk girls belted tunes from hip hop's golden age. Though I'm guessing it's not so animated at 7 a.m., there's always the owner Zero (aka Larry Zimmerman) to entertain you. 


​2. Rock Hard Tacos: Sex up your tacos at this Southern California-inspired joint with a selection of breakfast tacos and burritos to pair with an 8 a.m. brew. 
​3. Bahia Cabana Beach Resort Bar: Who can resist a 7 to 11 a.m. happy hour by the beach? Sounds like the place for sipping a pina colada, reading the Sunday New York Times and getting an eyeful. 

​4. Riverside Market. I can't say enough good things about this place, which, incidentally, opens at 7 a.m. daily. Hard liquor fans, you're out of luck, but with 200 beers, a handful of ciders, and a solid selections of wines, you're bound to find something to please you. 

​5. Elbo Room. Sleep in until 10 a.m. and join the touristas for opening hour at this iconic watering hole. 

What have I missed? The criteria are that they're open before 11 a.m. and I'm not the only one there.

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