Five Best New Vegan Products of 2014

January is imminent, which means your Facebook feed is full of summations about the year behind us -- lists upon lists upon lists judging 2014 by various criteria. The best of this, the worst of that, the most whacked out Floridian nonsense.

We love lists, so we're adding to your influx with yet another -- the five best new vegan products of 2014. In a year full of awesome plant-based products hitting the market, it was tough to choose, but choose we did.

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5. Gardein's Fishless Filet

The New Times dubbed it "pretty legit", and the flaky, fishless filets are nothing if not close to the Van de Camps of childhood. With vegan tartar sauce or a sweet, spicy chili dip, they make for a dinner that'll please even uber-picky kiddos.

4. Hampton Creek's Just Mayo Sriracha

The world is rapidly realizing that Just Mayo blows every other mayonnaise brand (eggless or not) out of the water. Unilever found that out the hard way. Last year Hampton Creek rolled out the regular, and in 2014 came Sriracha (along with Chipotle and Garlic). They're all delish, but the Sriracha blend is nothing short of amazing, and goes great with just about everything.

3. Kite Hill's Soft Ripened

"I can't live without cheese" is the mantra of many a wannabe vegan, and the former mantra of many a current vegan. Luckily, living without "real" cheese is easier than ever, thanks to products like this. Kite Hill, in partnership with Whole Foods, makes a Soft Ripened almond milk cheese that's nearly indistinguishable from brie.

2. Field Roast's Chao Cheese

Vegan cheese has come so far. While Kite Hill has the artisanal side of the equation down, Chao Cheese is the best sliced, non-dairy product to come down the pike. It tastes like cheese, it melts like cheese and it looks like cheese. It's outstanding, thanks to the plant-based geniuses at Field Roast.

1. So Delicious' CocoWhip

Once you've gone CocoWhip, you'll never go back to Cool Whip. NEVER. Delicious, dairy-free dessert delight beats chemical soup any day. This is So Delicious' crowning achievement, and so insanely scrumptious, you could easily eat an entire container by the spoonful (undoubtedly people have). But it's even better on top of hot chocolate, paired with vegan pie or as the final touch on an ice cream sundae.

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