Five Food Bongs: Stoners Stroll Through the Produce Section

While most of the country seems to be moving in the direction of legalizing marijuana, Florida's esteemed legislature is -- as it often does -- heading in the opposite direction of progress. The bong has been banned in Florida - for now, at least.

But stuffy lawmakers always underestimate the ingenuity of the average stoner. They might seem like lazy layabouts, but that's just 'cause they're high a lot of the time.

When it comes to getting that way, potheads channel their inner MacGyver. These Reefer Mad Scientists can create a smoking apparatus from almost anything and the food has long been a source for inspiration.

Here are five ways to get your smoke on, no crass commercialism necessary.

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5. Apple

The humble apple is probably the first fruit every stoner reaches for. They're the fruit most likely to have on hand and their solid build holds each shape even after some design modifications. But if you're going to go for the apple, at least be creative and carve a fun design.

4. Pineapple

Another fruit made of study stuff is the pineapple. If you prefer your water pipes large and in charge, this is the fruit for you. Also, pineapples are very good for inflammation, so maybe eat the parts you core out.

3. Kiwi

Carving up a kiwi is not for the beginner. They're soft, delicate fruit so they require a steady hand. But, if you can manage it, you will definitely win some stoner brownie points. Mmm, brownies...

2. Veggie Combos

This variety wins for creativity. Anyone can carve up an apple, but now we're assembling devices made from different organic parts. Dude, what if, like, we were put together from different organic parts? Like, what if we really are what we eat? No, seriously, think about it...

1. Banana

This is our favorite. It's a pipe! It's as if mother nature designed the banana for this very purpose and we have been missing it all along and just eating them!

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