Five Things to Do With Leftover Easter Eggs

Making Easter eggs with the kiddos is fun, but most kids are done with the eggs after they've found them all and quickly move on to their baskets o' candy. So, what do you do with those color dyed, hard boiled creations after the day is over? We came up with five ways to get rid of those damn chicken eggs that seem to keep multiplying.

Be kind to your neighbor

Why not be your own Betty Crocker and whip up a recipe? Better yet, indulge in the gooey, left over, feel good Easter spirit and give it to your neighbor or work buddy. They don't have to know that you hard boiled the eggs a week ago! What they don't know can't hurt em, right?

Celebrate April Fool's

Conveniently, April Fool's falls right after Easter, which opens the door for numerous pranking opportunities. Whether you dress up like a bunny and hide eggs around town, or merely place them in your coworker's cubicle, you have plenty of leftover hard boils to play with (Extra points if you show up dressed to work like a bunny, though).

Instagram your accomplishments

With the various facets of social media, there is almost no privacy whatsoever. So indulge in the social media frenzy and upload that Picstitch of the tye dye eggs you (poorly) attempted. Go on, show your followers how #popular and #wellrounded you are! Feeling bold? Share that ish on Facebook or Twitter. Speaking of social media, let's check out our next way to get rid of eggs...

Pinterest homemade recipes

Forget spreading the word via text message - we have new forms of social media to work with, people! Pinterest homemade recipes onto your board and watch the re-pins multiply faster than Easter rabbits fornicating. Pretty soon, everyone will be asking for your eggs to mimic your recipes. Revel in it, Rachael Rae wannabes, revel in it.

Eat em' whole

And lastly, the most obvious thing you can do with leftover Easter eggs: eat them as is. Can someone say "leftovers for weeks"? Well, no, not really -Easter eggs are not magical eggs and spoil like regular ones. But, hey, get some extra protein in your diet while you can, future bodybuilder.

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