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Five Things We Hate About Food Truck Events

There's no denying that we're still enamored with meals on wheels at various food truck rallies. And we want to support these fledgling businesses as much as the next person.

Yet with the novelty of food trucks wearing thin, customers are becoming more discerning-- which could lead to food truck fatigue on the horizon. And it's not even about the food. Dare we say that we have a couple of complaints? After the jump, a list of what we're less than enamored by when it comes to food truck meet-ups. 

5. The heat

Let's face it. When it's really hot and there's a choice between water spritzing at outdoor bars or food trucks, the black top locale that's a rally standard is less than seductive. Who wants to eat a hot burger standing outside when it's 95 degrees with 100% humidity? The folks inside the trucks --where it's infinitely hotter-- are likely wondering the same thing.

4. Lack of seating
 In theory, seats shouldn't matter at a food truck rally, yet more food items are served overflowing with toppings to the point that both hands and napkins are necessary. Thankfully, many events are staged in a venue with a plethora of benches, while a handful of trucks offer folding tables and chairs. Yet finding a place to sit that's not littered with trash from customers before us often presents a challenge. 

3. Untz music
As fun as that might be to dance with tacos in hand, since it's seldom seen, we're guessing most readers don't need the side of club music that comes with a sushi handroll. It's even more annoying when beats compete from multiple trucks.

2. Lines
Though lines are on the wane, we can't help but feel like sheep when standing in one for a food that may not warrant it. 

1. Critters
Bugs and rats are part of the scenery at food truck rallies; It's just a question of whether we choose to acknowledge them. Just yesterday, as handfuls of customers sat on blankets and did cartwheels on the pavement, a pair of rats fled for their lives toward the feet of a couple sharing plates on a bench. Mmm. Delicious.

What did we miss? Tell us in the comments.

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