Five Valentine's Day Gifts for Foodies

Valentine's Day is coming and you've yet to get a gift for your favorite foodie. You could buy some flowers at the drug store - if you never want them to speak to you again. Fortunately, there are a lot of great and interesting gift options right here in South Florida that will make cupid envious and the foodie in your life happy.

Hot Chefs of South Florida Calendar

Who would have known that the person making you that heavenly meal is also a heartthrob? Apparently South Florida chefs are really hot (and we're not talking about when they're behind the burner). The Hot Chefs calendar features a different chef each month. Flip to the back of the calendar and find 12 $25 dining certificates...one to EACH chef's restaurant, which are valid throughout 2011. That's a $300 value! Calendars are $19.95 and every time the recipient uses one of the dining certificates included, they'll think of you! Order online at http://www.myhotchefs.com/or call 1-877-494-CHEF. 10% from each calendar sold will be donated to The Big Heart Brigade, a 501(c)3 that feeds needy families.

Schnebley's Wine

Riddle: When is a wine not a grape? When it's an avocado...or a guava...or a coconut! Schnebley's Redlands Winery is a working winery in Homestead. Instead of using grapes to make their wines, they use native fruits like guava, avocado, carambola, mango and coconut. The results are surprising with selections ranging from sweet dessert wines to sophisticated dry varieties. Visit the winery and pick out a case or call to order a wine-tasting and tour package for your favorite foodie. schneblywinery.com or call (888) 717-WINE.

Chef Jean-Pierre Cooking School

If the foodie on your list always dreamed of running off to join Le Cordon Bleau, give her a cooking experience at the Chef Jean-Pierre Cooking School in Ft. Lauderdale. Classes include Knife Skills, Pastas, Thai, Wine and Cheese Pairings and Southwestern Cuisine and prices vary. chefjeanpierre.com or call (954) 563-2700.

Miami Food Tour

Tour Cuba without the annoying embargo hassles on the Little Havana Food Tour. Tour goers will experience the food and culture of Little Havana through interpretive talks and tastings. Visit small, family-owned restaurants and taste traditional dishes like yucca, masitas, mariquitas and take home a pastilito for dessert. Several tours are available and start at $29 per person. miamiculinarytours.com or call 1-855-MIA-FOOD for information.

Florida Orange Blossom Honey

In ancient times honey was called the nectar of the gods. Carl's Honey in Riviera Beach sells the finest Florida Orange Blossom honey. It takes honeybees 25,000 trips between their hives and the orange blossoms to make one pound of this stuff. Give your honey a 3lb jar of orange blossom honey for $26 - that's 75,000 trips to the hive and back! carlshoney.com or call (561) 762-7019.

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