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Five Ways to Piss Off Your Server

Of course, you think you're the perfect restaurant patron. You try to be polite. You tip according to set standards. What else is there to ask for?

Well, we've got news for you: There's a good chance you are still getting on your server's last nerve.

We spoke to one server at a local pub to find out what irks her the most. And quite honestly, it could be you.

5. Seat yourself when the sign says to wait.
You walk into the pub. It's busy. You are greeted by a sign, "Please Wait to Be Seated." Rather than obey, you walk past and seat yourself at an unoccupied table. Only problem: It's dirty. You flag down the server, "Hey. Can you clean off this table?" She quickly pulls the empty glasses and napkins that were left by the previous patrons, grabs a rag, and starts wiping. As she does so, she is squeezing between you and your friends to make sure everything is dry. And in the process, she is trying her hardest not to wipe whatever leftover debris -- drawn butter, ketchup, fries, sausage rolls -- onto you. It's just awkward and uncomfortable. What could have been an easy process is now a pain in the ass, thanks to you. You have already annoyed her and you haven't even placed an order. Next time, read the sign.

4. Force her to make twice as many trips as she needs to.
It's Friday night, and the pub is slammed. Customers are stacked out around the bar as servers dart through the crowds with drinks and plates of food. As with all of the servers, yours is also in the weeds. For those of you who have never been part of the industry, that means busy beyond belief. She is struggling to keep up on drinks, appetizers, entrées, or any other request that is being thrown her way. In the middle of juggling all of this for who knows how many tables, your friend asks for a drink. Specifically looking at your nearly empty pint, she asks, "Would anyone else like another?" You shake your head no. She politely walks off, orders the drink, and returns. By the time she gets back, your beer is gone. You need another. Yet again, she takes the time away from her other customers to run to the bar for you. Pull this again and again and you're slipping down the service totem poll.

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