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Five Weirdest Beers at Riverside Market Home Brew Competition

For all you beer connoisseurs out there, or for those who just like to drink a few brews (or, as Kanye West says, "frew brews"), Riverside certainly knows how to put on a show. And by show, we mean a homemade beer brewing contest. Ten teams competed for a panel of judges as well as favoritism for spectator's palates. Categories included IPA, Double IPA, Stout, Pale, Amber, Beligian, Tutti Fruity, Brown, Malt Beverage, People's Choice, and Judge's Choice.

With these categories came a series of unique, weird, and crazy flavors that were sampled not only by judges and spectators but by fellow competitors as well. Here are the top 5 weirdest beers featured.

Doo Doo Brown Ale

If you're still reminiscent on those old 90's jams, this beer is for you. Crafted by the team 2 Live Brews, this cleverly named beer (as well as team name) has the standard alcohol for beer (6%) but has a different ingredient most beers don't - oak aged Hennessy. Guess this team was going for the whole Rapper's Delight package, huh? This beer was entered in the Brown Ale category.

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