​No shoes, no shirt, no service. That's usually where restaurant owners draw the line when it comes to turning away hungry patrons. 

Florida Restaurant, Skyline Chili, Bans Casey Anthony Jurors for Delivering "Not Guilty" Verdict

But how about "not welcome" for a "not guilty," verdict?

Sure, the twelve jurors from the Pinellas County Casey Anthony trial have left a bad taste in many people's mouths. And that's certainly true for Clearwater Skyline Chili restaurant owner, John McClure. 

On the door to his Cincinnati-based chain establishment, one of five Skyline Florida locations, McClure posted a very clear message with a hand-written note that reads: "Pinellas County jurors NOT welcome!"

McClure told local news reporters he posted the sign because he wouldn't be able to visually identify the Anthony trial jurors to keep them from entering his restaurant. He also wants customers to know where he stands in regards to jurors finding Anthony not guilty of murder Tuesday in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

But McClure shouldn't really be worried about banning certain people. Most likely, patrons will steer clear of his establishment on their own. After all, how many people can be craving fast-food quality chili -- especially during the dog days of summer?

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