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Florida Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill: Three "Edibles" We Want to See Here

While we're not exactly closer to legalizing weed in the state of Florida, earlier this week the Florida Senate passed a landmark bill that would allow for low-THC marijuana for medical purposes.

The Charlotte's Web bill, which was sponsored by three Republicans, would make it legal for doctors to prescribe certain strains to treat children with epilepsy. It passed through the Senate with a 36-3 vote.

Although, the Sheriff's Association is fighting against further legalization and our "beloved" governor has implied he may not sign any new laws on it, we figured it was time to look into pot edibles we'd like to see in the state.

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Dixie Elixirs

If you like drinking, these little puppies will give you the buzz you're looking for without having to chew (or inhale). Available in a variety of flavors -- ranging from old fashioned sarsaparilla to sparkling grapefruit -- these fizzy drinks will get you stoned in a jiffy (or 45 minutes really). Available in 40 and 75 mg strength, each one has been triple lab tested for quality.

Cheeba Chews

Part tootsie roll, part hash, these gooey little peanut and gluten-free candies are potent as heck -- the company warns to go slow in consumption. It's available in a variety of cannabis extracts: from creative sativa to relaxation-inspiring indica. And the company offers a helpful photo diagram to help newbies chew wisely.

Kiva Chocolate Bars

Everyone likes chocolates. And what better way to improve the already delicious flavor profile than by infusing it with some good old fashioned herb. This company makes some of the best in the country. Its Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar won first place in High Times Best Edibles competition at the 2013 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. The aesthetically pleasing packaging clearly indicates lab-tested THC levels (180 mg per bar), which makes it easy to stick to the intended dose. Available in California at the moment, the company produces a wide range of flavors including vanilla chai, mint Irish cream, and plain old milk chocolate.

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