Follow Your Heart's New Vegan American Cheese Melts, Tastes Like the Real Thing

Nothing says American culture like American cheese. Highly processed, neon-orange in color and made up of a mish-mosh of other cheeses, it's our country in a cellophane wrapper.

Vegans, however, have had to make do with less-than-impressive substitutes for this kitchen staple.

Luckily, Follow Your Heart has released a new, sliced American cheese product that's impressively close to the real thing. It melts easily, offers the viscous consistency we're used to and does its duty when pressed into a traditional grilled cheese. 

Dairy-free, lactose free, casein free, non-GMO and soy free, the cheese is made with a coconut oil base that creates a smooth, creamy texture. 

"As manufacturers of vegan cheese since the early 2000’s, we have been looking for new and unique flavors to add to our line. We already had a cheddar block and shred so the American block and slice seemed to be the perfect addition to our vegan cheese family," says Laura Sklov, marketing coordinator for Follow Your Heart.

When put to the test a la a simple grilled cheese, it passes with flying colors, melting quickly and creating a final product that looks identical to its dairy counterpart.

Taste wise, the cheese isn't entirely identical to Kraft singles, but it does have a creamy, rich flavor that's pretty close. Pop them on top of some Beyond Meat Beast Burgers at a summer barbecue, and it's likely no omnivore would know the difference. 

"The American Slices have become a big hit with our consumers. The convenience of the slices and the versatility for quick and easy recipes makes it a slam dunk for families," adds Sklov. 

With products like these, plus innovations from Kite Hill, Field Roast, Treeline, and more, the vegan cheese market is improving every day. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.