Foo Fighters 2011 Tour Rider: "Don't Forget the Bacon"

The Smoking Gun has "uncovered" the not-so-secret (the opening page makes direct reference to TSG) 2011 concert rider for Foo Fighters. As to be expected, it's a hoot. While there is nary a reference to crappy M&M's, there are plenty of interactive elements to keep even the most indifferent concert promoters on board to the last page. Highlights from the 52-page document's "Part Seven: Catering Visual Enhancement & Activities" section after the jump:

- "French" pastries are not an acceptable substitute for a real breakfast prominently featuring bacon.

- Seriously; don't forget the damned bacon.

- Bagged salad mixed with mayo does not a "good salad" make.

- Dave Grohl and co. really, really dislike something repeatedly referenced only as "Promoter Pasta." Those of us who function outside of the rock star world can only surmise P.P. constitutes mushy macaroni served out of the promoter's cupped hands.

- Cartoon critters from Disney films do not make for acceptable salad toppings.

- Meat = good. Sweaty meat = bad.

- Off-brand soda served with shitty ice = very, very bad. Not as offensive as Promoter Pasta (which is liable to lead to hockey riots to rival Vancouver's recent post-loss hiccup) but bad none the less.

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