Food News: Paula Deen's Glitter Eyeglasses, Shake Shack's Domination, and the End of Farm to Table?

Thought I'd share some of the most interesting food-related links I've read from around the internets over the past few days: 

Another Shake Shack is slated for South Florida -- Coral Gables, to be specific. The New York Times Magazine illuminates restaurateur Danny Meyer's plans to take over the world, one burger joint at a time. 

Trend Alert: Copenhagen chefs celebrate open-faced sandwiches on a brown bread "plate" dressed with super-local cured meats or fish, layered with heirloom veggies and elaborate garnishes. Look for the ripple into the U.S. market after a shop opens in New York this summer. Speaking of trends,

elastic-waisted style maven Paula Deen forays into the world of couture with a new line of glitter-studded eyeglasses. 

And if you read one thing from this roundup, read this post on the inevitable conclusion of farm-to-table dining, which includes a 3 a.m. reservation time, ginger-infused lemonade with pork-belly ice cubes, feeling up a heritage cow's teat, and a warning: "...please be advised that the entire animal -- snout to tail, including the asshole -- will be consumed. If you don't like the asshole, maybe T&A is not really for you."

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