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Foodie Fragrances: Pizza Hut Perfume, Burger King Body Spray and a Stilton Cheese Spray

Ever hear someone say you smell good enough to eat? Or have you ever loved your favorite fast food restaurant so much, you could literally smell it a mile away? Kind of like your ex's favorite perfume or cologne? 

Well, if you ever dreamed of the ability to smell the aroma of fresh-baked bread, or a hot-from-the-oven chicken parmesan, here's your chance to get creative.

A few chain restaurants recently began concocting their own signature line of fragrance. While we can't guarantee you'll be able to find a bottle of Burger King's body spray at Walmart, you can find an entire line of fragrances dedicated to grub available online. 

Of course, you'll have to get some ideas, first. Let us help you. Here, Clean Plate Charlie offers up some of the most unique food fragrances, beginning with Pizza Hut Canada's own signature scent.

Eau de Pizza Hut 
If you want to smell irresistable -- to desperate, drunk people at least -- you're in luck! In August, Pizza Hut Canada developed its own fragrance, launching the new scent after asking Facebook fans what they would think of such of a wearable pizza-scented spray. When people seemed into the idea, to celebrate its Facebook page reaching 100,000 fans, Pizza Hut Canada developed just 110 bottles, giving away 100 bottles of the new signature scent dubbed Eau de Pizza Hut to eager Facebook fan winners. Designed to smell like a freshly-opened box of pizza it allegedly boasts "top notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough."

Flame by BK
That brings us to Burger King's own signature scent, Flame. Not really a perfume, per se, it's a men's body spray with what you could call a "hint of flame-broiled meat." Burger King released the fragrance in 2008, unveiling the supposed meat-scented body spray in small, 5-ml bottles for $3.99. No give-aways or limited-run prizes here: anyone interested in owning a bottle could buy the scent online at a specialty store known as Ricky's. The disappointing part: Flame doesn't smell like burgers, but more like Axe body spray, TAG and YSL cologne, according to one Ricky's manager.

Eau de Stilton
Let's face it: no one ever wants to smell like cheese. In fact, when things smell their worst its often along the lines of moldy cheese, old gym socks and sour milk funk. But for the British one version of smelling delicious is cheese. In 2006, the Stilton Cheesemaker's Association created its very own Eau de Stilton, marketing the new fragrance as having the "earthy" and fruity" aroma of blue cheese. While the whole thing seems like a gimmick to get people to buy -- and eat -- more Stilton cheese, the company admits their goal was to create an "unusual but highly wearable perfume." 

Eau de Lobster, Eau de Sushi, Eau de Chocolate Covered Cherries...
Of course, if you really want to get creative, there's a whole line of foodie-related scents in the Demeter line, pick-me-up cologne sprays that cover a variety of edible fragrances based on familiar, everyday scents. That means a lot of food -- from spices and herbs like cilantro and chamomile tea, to fruits and veggies like carrot, tomatoes and golden delicious apple. Chocolate Covered Cherries is billed as "sensuous and silky," while Eau de Champagne Brut is "intoxicatingly delicious." So, what's your signature food scent?

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