For Halloween: Watch a Guy Eat a Live Giant Scorpion

We wish we had a category entitled What the F**K because this certainly makes the grade.

Here's a video of Louis, who apparently like to eat weird stuff. That's fair we guess...Andrew Zimmern made a career out of it with his Travel Channel show Bizarre Foods

But here's the difference between Andrew Zimmern and this guy - Andrew Zimmern gets paid a shitload of money to eat bats and snakes and eyeballs!

In any event, Louis is a total freak. In the video, the scorpion, clearly not wanting to be anyone's lunch, pinches and stings Louis. Good for the scorpion.

When Louis finally starts to eat Mr. Scorpion we hear possibly the worst crunching noise as the poor little guy gets masticated. Who would have thought we'd ever feel sorry for a scorpion?

Watch at your own risk (and on an empty stomach):

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