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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Begins This Week: Where to Pick Up All Kinds of Hotties

It's just about that time of year again -- and no, we don't mean Halloween. This weekend thousands of people will descend upon the marinas and beaches of Broward County for the 54th-annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Yes, traffic is going to be a nightmare; and yes, every restaurant is going to be packed; however, even with all the annoyance the boat show has some serious benefits for locals.

The economy booms and, well, there are plenty of out-of-towners around that are ripe for the picking.

Whether you're looking for a sugar daddy or sexy sailor -- not just for Halloween -- we have a list of the best places to pick up over the next week.

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If you're looking for a Sugar Daddy...

You probably want to come up with a game plan. These guys are going to be staying on their current yacht or one of the high-end hotels (think the W Hotel, Lago Mar, the Ritz Carlton); so the hotel bars would be a good start. However, the high-end restaurants are going to be the best bet of catching one while his guard is down. We suggest Casa D'Angelo, Valentino Cucina Italiana, S3, and YOLO. Just pull up a seat at one of the bars and start fishing.

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If you're looking for a cougar...

Chances are the cougar is probably going to be looking for a new Sugar Daddy herself. That being said, when she fails in her conquest, you can be there to make her feel better about her unsuccessful endeavor. The Cougar will most likely be following the Sugar Daddy's cues, but we're going to also suggest Blue Martini and Bahia Mar for good measure.

If you're looking for a yachty...

Yachties are going to be pretty damned busy trying to keep those big white boats squeaky clean for the show; however, yachties are known for partying, so they'll definitely be getting out on the town. Look for these men and women at dive bars near the intracoastal, such as Treasure Trove or the Hut Lounge & Package Store; anywhere on 17 St. Causeway, like Waxy O'Connors or The Village Well; American Social ; or Tap 42. Note: you might want to head out when the show ends on Monday night.

See also: Top Five Places to Pick Up Hot Foreigners During Boat Show

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