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Fort Lauderdale Likes Sandwiches as Big as Your Head

I've been sampling dozens of sandwiches around Fort Lauderdale the past two weeks and it seems that Lauderdalians like their portions huge.

Take the sandwiches for example. My first fore into Florida Eats Big was on my first day of work when I went with my editors to My Market, where I ordered a po'boy which is so big and messy it comes

with a no to-go policy. Whether it's Cajun turkey or roast beef, the

sandwich is slathered with gravy and dressed with the standard lettuce,

tomato and mayonnaise trio. I hoped that finishing a giant sandwich

wasn't the food critic equivalent of pounding shots in a bar.

Then there's the BLT at Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House. When a loaf

of Gran Forno only yields a half dozen slices, each piece is over an

inch thick. Topped with a hearty tomato slice, greens as thick as a deck

of cards and six pieces of bacon,  this BLT could probably have been

reconstructed into three normal sized sandwiches. That said, it's pretty

damn good (And would be better toasted).

The latest was last night at Shuck N Dive. I wasn't sure which was

more obscene: the double gator burger with a paddy that's a hand and a

half wide or my shrimp po' boy, which displayed a dozen jumbos on crusty

bread slathered with remoulade.

So. Despite my hazing in comments of earlier posts, I thought I'd ask:

Why so big? Is bigger better? And if so, where are the best big


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